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Canada Employment serves as an information portal to help assist job seekers from within and outside of Canada to find employment in Canadian careers.


Canadian Employment Facts

Fast facts on working in Canada:

paragraph arrow Currently there are 17.37 million Canadians making up the labour force - 74% of which work in service industry jobs.

paragraph arrow Unemployment in Canada is running at slightly over 6%.

paragraph arrow Canada exported $405 billion worth of goods in 2006 and Canada's largest trading partner is the United States.

paragraph arrow Canada relies heavily upon its primary sector to generate wealth and jobs. This sets it out among other developed nations.

Canada's economy like most industrialized nations is moving quickly ahead with technology driven opportunities. That doesn't mean trade and skill jobs are not in demand, because they are. There is a skilled labour shortage in many regions of Canada. Canada has an aging population and many skilled workers are now entering retirement, this helps create movement for younger Canadians. Read on for more information. Privacy Policy